Pioneer Bakery

Roti, Pav, & Thepla
Made Fresh Daily.

Our Bakery is so popular that we have customers who travel from as far and wide as Riverside, Oceanside, and North Los Angeles to pick up some roti for their next meal!

The warm and fresh smells of our dough being slowly baked are sure to work-up your appetite.

Nothing beats fresh baked bread. The warm, fresh smells of our baking breads will clue you into the fact that our bakery selections are something special.

Locally Famous Roti

Roti, also known as chapati or phulka, is a type of flatbread that is a staple of Indian meals. It’s as quintessential to Indian cuisine as rice!

We’re known for the roti that always rises, while offering an irresistible flavor that complements any dish at the same time.

While roti is very popular, there is no denying that it is one of the hardest breads to get just right, especially when it comes to getting the right shape and softness.

Our fresh made roti allows you to save time and money. No preservatives, made with whole wheat flours.

Pav Baked Fresh Daily

Every roti or pav is created with both quality and flavor in mind always baked fresh daily, there’s something in the Pioneer Bakery that you’ll want to take home with you every time you visit.

Our Bombay pav is made fresh daily and goes great with any Indian street food.

As you approach the bakery, you’ll notice right away that something is different. You’ll smell the warmth of our dough being freshly made, and batches of pav in our ovens slowly rising.

Preparing Roti

Making Roti

Preparing Pav