Why You Should Use Rosewater Every Day

What is Rosewater?

Rosewater is an extract from rose petals and is widely used all over the world for a wide assortment of corrective and medicinal purposes. Rosewater has been used for hundreds of years to help various skin ailments, but it’s more than just a face treatment!

Facial and Skin Treatment

Natural rose water is 100% free from artificial chemicals and fragrances. This makes it the perfect face and skin treatment if you have irritated skin. It can help calm redness and unwanted acne over time.

Rosewater as an Astringent

Rose water is beneficial for sensitive skin as it helps adjust oil secretion, treats skin irritation, and relaxes and conditions the skin. In addition to being great astringent, it also serves as a tonic that helps you keep your youthful look much longer.

Wet Roses for RosewaterMoisturizing Properties

Rosewater isn’t just for your face. You can use rosewater to help keep your hair in tip-top shape! It’s believed to have molding and moisturizing properties that can keep your hair styled. Simply blend a little rosewater into your shampoo and wash your hair as usual. This will leave your hair soft, glossy, and smelling like a rose.

Rosewater as an Antiseptic

Rose water is an outstanding for its natural mending properties. It’s known to be able to fight against bacteria on the skin. You can apply rosewater to treat your skin issues including dry, flaky skin, slick skin, skin dermatitis, and dermatitis. Rosewater is also known to help treat small cuts and injuries, much like an antibiotic cream.

Weight Loss

Rose petals improve our digestion and clear toxins within our body which can bring about weight loss. Rosewater is known to help curb your appetite, helping you feel full after small meals.

Stress & Depression Relief

Studies have shown that breathing in rose petals can help beat your anxiety and depression. By doing so, you can find yourself in a calmer state and continue on with your day.

Rosewater & Hair Regrowth

Rose water gives strength to the root hairs, advances hair growth, and revives the scalp, thereby empowering smooth blood streams to your scalp. Use rosewater to wash your hair once or twice a week to help regrow your hair the way it used to be.

Use It for a Healthy Lifestyle

The aroma of rosewater, when breathed in directly or added to bathwater, improves the disposition, relaxes the muscles, and eradicates all exhaustion. When taken orally, rosewater can be used as a light laxative and can also settle the stomach.

Other Benefits of Rosewater

Rose water is a skin toner and moisturizer that mollifies the skin and gives it a healthy shine. The fragrance of rosewater can last up to 12 hours when used on fabric. Rose water is also said to enhance the hair and the teeth.

angelika-levshakova-103188Rosewater Over the Ages

Rose water has been liked by many societies throughout the hundreds of years for its pleasing aroma in drinks, as a natural skin toner and eye corrector, and as a fragrance. In certain countries, like India, rosewater has been used for years as remedies for the skin and hair.

Easy Rosewater for You

We believe that everyone can benefit from using rosewater in their daily routine. You can find what you need to create the perfect rosewater by visiting Pioneer Cash & Carry to gather your ingredients. Try our recipe for the perfect rosewater everyday below:

The Perfect Rosewater Recipe


  • Fresh Roses (as many as you’d like)
  • Distilled Water

How To:

  1. Remove the rose petals from your roses.
  2. Rinse the petals with warm water to remove any leftover residue or chemicals.
  3. Place the rose petals in a pot, along with enough distilled water to cover the petals. Putting in too much water will dilute your rosewater.
  4. Use medium-low heat to bring the water to a simmer.
  5. Then simmer the rose petals in the water for 20 to 30 minutes.
  6. Once done, strain out the rose petals, leaving just the water behind.
  7. Store your rosewater in a glass jar.

If you want to use your rosewater as a facial toner, you can find more recipes on Pinterest or visit here.

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